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World Heritage Scholarship 2024

The World Heritage Scholarship, an international residency, is now for the sixth time open.

The scholarship is aimed for people who have an cultural idea, such as art, music, research etc, related to the UNESCO World Heritage list and are interested to connect the World Heritage site Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland with one or moore sites around the World in an cultural way.


The award consists of 4 weeks residency at one of Hälsinglands listed Decorated Farmhouses and also includes a scholarship of 4500  to cover living/work expenses for a suggested project. 

The scholarship is international and can be applied for by people from all over the world, such as researchers, artists or other cultural actors. Last year, more than 350 people from 60 different countries applied. Applications will be accepted from 15 December 2023 – 15 february 2024.

For further information and application:


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