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Since 1995 the Nordic World Heritage sites in the Nordic countries have meet annually and together shared experiences of how to implement the World Heritage Convention in the Nordic Countries. The 20-year tradition has shown that competence and capacity building amongst the sites can better be achieved through international cooperation and by learning from each other. In September 23 2016 the next step was taken when the Nordic World Heritage Association was founded on Iceland. The foundation took place on an ideal place for it, the World Heritage site Thingvellir, where agreements among people have been reached as early as in 930 AD. 



The purpose of Nordic World Heritage Association is to aid and support the implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in the Nordic countries. It shall be achieved in accordance with the UNESCO World Heritage strategy of Credibility, Conservation, Capacity-building, Communication and Communities.



Nordic World Heritage Association is a non-profit organization and shall work exclusively for the benefit of its members.


The association earns as a umbrella organisation for the National World Heritage Associations or National World Heritage Groups in the Danish Realm, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand
Struve geodetic arc_Jyrki Puupponen - Finland
Petäjävesi_old_church_foundation_of_Petäjävesi_old_church - Finland
Surtsey UST
Old Rauma_kuninkaankatu_city of Rauma - Finland
Suomenlinna_governing body of Suomenlinna
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