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Current call for application

The Nordic countries share the strong commitment to democracy, strong civil society and community involvement. The idea of the Nordic World Heritage Award is to elevate the outstanding contributions that the Nordic World Heritage Sites and their stakeholders do to connect the local communities to the outstanding universal values of the sites. 

Do you – or your partners – excel in the community involvement? Maybe you bring new life to the site through dissemination. Or maybe you have generated sustainable growth through your business. Or maybe your work helps local people to understand and protect the core values of the site. The survival of the World Heritage Sites is dependent on the involvement of local stakeholders – businesses, NGOs, private citizens.

The award

The City of Rauma donated the award to the Nordic World Heritage Association at the Nordic World Heritage Conference in 2017. It is made of elm tree and copper. The names of the winners of the Nordic World Heritage Award will be carved on the award plaque. The winner will be announced at the annual Nordic World Heritage Conference and the winner holds possession of the artwork until next year annual conference. The Board of the Nordic World Heritage Association will choose the winner in the Annual Meeting of the Association.

What to include in the application?

Applications can be submitted in free form. Please provide us with at least the following information:

  • Nominated organisation / stakeholder (name on the award plaque)

  • Role of stakeholder regarding World Heritage

  • Head of nominated organisation

  • World Heritage Site in question

  • Details of the person making the nomination

  • Why the nominated stakeholder should be awarded?

  • Description of work / activities

  • Impacts of the work on the World Heritage site and/or World Heritage in general

  • How the stakeholder helps protect the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Sites?

Publications (eg. reports, pictures, videos) or other supporting documents

Where to send the application?

Please send applications to our email address:

We are wishing you good luck in competing!




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