Documents to our previous events


NWHA - Annual Conference 2019

1 - 4 September 2019
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sverige

Presentations and supporting documents:

  • Anna-Karin Fern & Åse Liv Hauan: World Heritage Scholarship (PDF)

  • Anu Ahoniemi: Participatory Methods or Management at Suomenlinna (PDF)

  • Berit Lein: Report from the World Heritage Committee meeting in Baku 2019 (PDF)

  • Jonathan Lindström: Reflections on World Heritage Today and in the Future (PDF)

  • Kristin Bendixvold: Locally Produced Food Engaging Communities (PDF)

  • Lejla Hadzic: Cultural Heritage as an Active Force in Reconciliation, Peace Building and Social and Economic Development (PDF)

  • Malin Jogmark: Children Building Karlskrona in Minecraft (PDF)

  • Marielle Richon: Communicating World Heritage Values for Sustainable Development (PDF)

  • Victoria Walldin: The Importance of Cultural Heritage and Social Sustainability in Planning (PDF)







NWHA - Annual Conference 2018

10 - 13 September 2018 kl. 19:00 - 23:00 CEST
Jelling, 7300 Jelling, Denmark

Presentations during the conference:

  • Peter Yding Brunbech Ph.D.: „Cultural heritage belong to our children and grandchildren“ Presentation

  • Jens Maiborn: „Dessiminate and communicate UNESCO World Heritage to children“ Presentation

  • Beate Strøm: „News from UNESCO World Committee“ Presentation

  • Birgitte Lamp: „News from the NWHA“ Presentation Birgitte, Presentation Harald and Jussi, Presentation Olafur

  • Tim Badman: „The World Heritage Leadership Programme“ Presentation

  • Hege Agathe Bakke-Alisøy: „Sitemanagerforum – report from Bahrain“ Presentation

  • Vicky Katarina Mikalsen: „Best practice, children learning about World Heritage, Nordic Example, Notodden Norway“

  • Lars Kjær and Mette Nørgaard Christensen/Henrik Ottosen: „Cultural Heritage for children – a workshop about best practice in UNESCO-sites“ Presentation

  • Kristen Thøgersen and Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen: „Brief Introduction to Jelling – Challenges“

  • Mayor Jøm Pedersen: „Welcome to Christiansfeld“

  • Birgitte Lamp: „Brief Introduction to Christiansfeld – Challenges“ Presentation

  • Marie Vejrup Ph.D.: „Living heritage – contemporary cases of religion and heritage sites“ Presentation

  • Jørgen Bøytler, Ph.D.: „While waiting for the others – Christiansfeld, a representative for the international World Heritage in Denmark“ 

  • Aaron Emil Petersen: „Climate change and mass invasion of tourists – is Ilulissat becoming the new Iceland? And how does the development affect the local community?“ Presentation

  • Einar Á.E. Sæmundsen: „Thingvellir National Park – sacred mass tourism site?“

  • Janne Librud Ph.D.: „Valuing sustainable Development in UNESCO World Heritage Sites“ Presentation

  • Lena Landstöm: „World Heritage Scholarship inivation to apply!“ Presentation

  • Anna-Karin Ferm: „Virtual World Heritage Network“ Presentation

  • Louise Schlyter: „See you next year in Stockholm” Presentation

  • Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen: Evaluation of the conference in Jelling/Christiansfeld 2018 Document