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Vatnajökull National Park is now a World Heritage Site

We are happy to welcome the Vatnajökull National Park (webpage) in the family of the Nordic World Heritage Association. During the 43th session of the World Heritage Committee in Baku (Azerbaijan) it has been decided to inscribe Vatnajökull National Park on the world Heritage List on the basis of criterion (viii) (link). This iconic volcanic region covers an area of over 1,400,000 ha, nearly 14% of Iceland's territory. It numbers ten central volcanoes, eight of which are subglacial. Two of these are among the most active in Iceland. The interaction between volcanoes and the rifts that underlie the Vatnajökull ice cap takes many forms, the most spectacular of which is the jökulhlaup – a s

New website of World Heritage sites in Finland

The Association of World Heritage sites in Finland has opened a new website presenting their seven World Heritage sites: The site also includes information about World Heritage in general, World Heritage education as well as sustainable tourism. Also, the association and its projects and activities are presented. The site is in Finnish, Swedish and English. You can follow the Association of World Heritage sites in Finland also in Facebook and Twitter, however the communication in these social media channels are basically in Finnish.

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