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NWHA Conference 2019 - documents online

This years NWHA Conference was held in Stockholm on September 2nd to 4th.

Three of Sweden's World Heritage Sites are located in Stockholm; the Royal Domain of Drottningholm, the Woodland Cemetery and Birka and Hovgården. During the days, the participants will get a chance to visit all three; on Sunday, September 1st, on a pre-tour to Birka and Hovgården, Tuesday the 3rd will be at Drottningholm and on the third and last day the participants will visit the Woodland Cemetery.

This year's Nordic World Heritage Conference was soon fully booked. A total of 140 people from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Greenland are coming to Stockholm for an interesting program. A number of lecturers with different perspectives on World Heritage and social sustainability will participate.

The accompanying document to this years event can be found online on our website (link).

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