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Jelling – The first winner of the Nordic World Heritage Award 2019

The Nordic World Heritage Association granted the inaugural award to the Steering Committee and the Cooperation Group at the Jelling Monuments in Denmark represented by Vejle municipality, Jelling Church and Kongernes Jelling – National Museum of Denmark.

According to the chairperson of the Association Birgitte Sidenius Bjerg Lamp the winner has demonstrated how preserving the Unesco World Heritage for the children requires community involvement, participation and a strong cooperation between citizens, schools, church, educational institutions, associations, business communities and political authorities. Cooperation, mutual trust, involvement and passion are all necessary ingredients in safe-guarding World Heritage.

I'm very proud to receive this fine award on behalf of the Jelling team. We have achieved a lot through hard work in Jelling. This is a joint effort that involves many people. This award is for all of us, the Site Manager Kirsten Thoegersen from Jelling rejoices.

The Nordic Countries share a strong commitment to and belief in democracy, strengthened civil society and community involvement. The idea of the Nordic World Heritage Award is to communicate the contributions that the Nordic World Heritage Sites and their stakeholders do in order to connect and involve the local communities to the Outstanding Universal Values of the sites.

The trophy and the diploma of the Award were donated to the Association in 2017 by the City of Rauma, Finland. The trophy is made out of elm wood and copper. The copper plaque will patinate and the latest encarved winner will shine brightest.

The chairperson Birgitte Sidenius Bjerg Lamp believes that the new Award will become an important incentive for everyone working with World Heritage.

Information about Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church The Jelling burial mounds and one of the runic stones are striking examples of pagan Nordic culture, while the other runic stone and the church illustrate the Christianization of the Danish people towards the middle of the 10th century (link).

More information about the Nordic World Heritage Award and the winner:

Birgitte Sidenius Bjerg Lamp The Nordic World Heritage Association - chairperson bisl(at) +4579796364

Kirsten Thoegersen Jelling - World Heritage Site Manager kit(@) +4529382810

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